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Self Portrait sketch on grey paper in graphite and blackened white coloured pencils

Neil in oils

portrait in oils of my partner done in lockdown

baby in bath

Graphite portrait A3 commission


Staffordshire bull terrier Commission in lockdown


Commission in mixed media

3 best friends

Mixed media Commission for Christmas

3 Jacks

Commission for Christmas mixed media.


the third in the winter bird collection

long tail tit

two of three in the winter bird collection.

blue tit

one of three in the winter bird collection.


Surprise A3 Graphite Drawing

Black lab

commission piece in mixed media

Mothers Love

A3 Mixed Media piece

1of 3 wildlife collection_edited

2 of 3 wildlife Collection_edited

3 of 3 wildlife colection_edited

un_Known ship

sold last year.

Butter wouldn't melt

Commission sold last year


This ship is one of the last ships of its kind still sailing today


This was completed last year as a Commission for mile stone Birthday

Trunk Call

Graphite portrait of a young African elephant commissioned for the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2019


Impressionist sea lapping on the shore.

City lights

Impressionist piece of the city at dusk.

running to the light ( SOLD)

Black horse racing for the light as the darkness of the night take hold

Snow leopard

A resent piece Sharon has done, the eyes on this beautiful majestic animal are amazing.

White Horse

This was a commission piece done as a birthday present.

deer on lookout

This was a commission piece that was done as part of a duo with the Hare

The Hare

As part duo with the deer.


A commission portrate


A Commission portrate

African Elephant

Sharon love's Elephant and this was done just for her.

Black labrador

Sharon she was playing with black paper and with white pencil, did this sketch just for fun.

Denzel Washington

This was her very first portrait I ever did... not one 100% right but a good start.

Gold hill Shaftesbury Dorset

This commission was for forum gallery in Blandford prints are available.

Blandford town centre Dorset

This commission was for forum gallery in Blandford prints are available.

In to the light

A commission For Dorset County Council to thank foster carers for there long standing of service one some as long as 42 years impressive ... but prints are available please look in my shop.

Highland bull

This commission was for forum gallery in Blandford prints are available.

King fisher

another old piece that she thought you would like to see

Jensen Ackles

This is portraits of a young Jensen Ackles which was done for her Daughter one Christmas.


Commission work in 2013

Lord of the Ring

Commission as a 50th wedding present


Inspired by Gorillas in the mist

Seven of Nine

Jeri Ryan who played Seven of Nine this was a Commission for the same Patron of T'pol

Tears of love

This was a commission for two fans of Micheal Jackson 4 weeks after his death.

The Battle of Trafagar

This was the first ship painting that Sharon had every done and it is a water colour, its a copy of a well Known piece by Wilson.

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